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Liminal is the app for guided wellness. 

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Our Manifesto—
We’re constantly bombarded with the ‘best’ things to do— look like this, buy this, drink this, eat this, land this job, go to this doctor, take this trip. And once we do ALL these things, we'll be better.
The truth? No one knows what you need but you. The reality? It’s super hard to know what that is when you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions.
Liminal exists so you can take - a - beat - and explore that space in-between where you are and where you’re going… with a lot less noise and some high quality guidance.
Because we believe if the only thing you do today is get to know yourself a tiny bit more, some good stuff will happen. Maybe even really good. 
Welcome to Liminal. 

lim·​i·​nal adjective

1: of, relating to, or situated at a sensory threshold 

2: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in-between, transitional

From the Latin word līmen, meaning doorstep or threshold, evoking a beginning, a passing through, a transit.

Join our founder Ashley Sumner

on a journey through liminal space


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